Amazing Grace CD
Amazing Grace
15 Heartfelt Melodies Celebrating God’s Amazing Grace
When I Pray CD
  1. When I Pray (3:10)   2. In The Beginning (3:00)   3. Morning Light (2:58)   4. In His Spirit (2:30)   5. Your Loveliness (3:00)   6. Joyful Heart (2:50)   7. Tower of Strength (3:10)   8. Be Still (3:00)   9. When Angels Sing (4:07) 10. You Lift Me Up (2:00)
The numbers in parenthesis indicate the length of the song.
When I Pray
20 Orginal Melodies A journey to a peaceful place
by Thomas Jones & Richard Berardi
Rest for the Soul 18 Original Melodies
Piano Peace
Songs of Solace CD
Songs of Solace 
To Calm the Spirit and Soothe the Soul
17 Original Melodies
To comfort and awaken the soul
15 Original Melodies
Piano Peace CD
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