Comments This music  is so fulfilling to life's needs to relax, enjoy and be blessed.     Thank you - Pearl      Having just listened to your music, to say I was blessed would be an      understatement .  It has been a long time since music such as this has stirred     my heart. Diane in Australia      Beautiful ministering music. It ushered me into the presence of God and Oh      how sweet it was.    Cynthia - Virginia      I have been searching for some instrumentals, relaxing music for some time.      Beautiful peaceful music. It was all very touching. Exactly what I've been wanting!     God truly does work in  mysterious ways! Thank you so much. Christine      Your music takes me away to a peaceful place, away from all the confusion of life.     Gene - Nashville      A peaceful feeling comes over me after listening to your music. Listening right now.      Samantha - England     We use your music as background music at our prayer service every week.     It's very inspiring. Blessings to you. Daniel     I use your music when I want to meditate. It takes my stress away. Thank you for     creating this wonderful peaceful music. Medicine for the spirit. Thank you thank    you thank you.   Sandra - Colorado      Your music is very therapeutic and makes me feel better. Thank you much!! Linda      Your music sparked creativity in our group, and gave us a spiritual surrounding .      Very very special!! Rene      Richard, your music is so beautiful. I have copies of each of your CDs.      Keep on giving praise in your music to God. God bless, Charlene      Your music is a real blessing to me. I play it at least once, sometimes twice a day.      Mary - Utah       I don't think I've ever been more inspired.      Bill - New York       Beautiful! What a blessing!! So touching…… LyAnne - Georgia       I cannot tell you how inspiring this is to me no matter what is going on in my life,       just listening to your relaxing music makes me cope better.  Thank you for sharing      your beautiful gift of music. Colleen       Thank you for bringing me back to my peaceful place. Judith       Your music is very touching and heartfelt. Thank you so much for sharing it.      Sabrina            Thank you for lifting my heart and soul. Ronald       Your music brings much peace to my spirit. Very heartwarming!!!! Judy - Texas       Enjoyed your music very much. It brightened my day. Rosa - North Carolina Hi, your music is very soothing and inspiring. A friend sent it to me when I was  going through a rough time in my life and I found just by listening,  it helped me very much. God bless and keep up the good work.  So thankful!! Linda Home About Music/CDs Videos Comments Contact Comments